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very to-the-point (simplified) update [Oct. 17th, 2005|09:47 pm]
Thursday =
Day: Got the Maglev, met Melody, was really late (!), got home, shopped at the supermarket and Ikea (Homeware restaurant included ha ha) for bedding and food and Kitty umbrellas, settling in ;)
Night: Went to DKD, then Windows Too, then Home&Bar.
Mood: Fucking happy!

Friday =
Day: Went for SS interview, got the job (!), delivered money, Melody got turtle from the bird & fish market, Kitty stuff (ha ha). Dance job in Qingdao (not happening now).
Night: Went to Infusion, dripped with sweat (dancing for hours), speakers fucked up from the body heat, saw Ciga, Vodka.
Mood: Fucking happy!

Saturday =
Day: Went out near Tech museum, met up w/ Nina & Danny for Frisbee, met Sunny and chucked a rugby ball around. Grass stains, happy sunshine and amazing clean surrpoundings out there! Cried to metro people.
Night: Adam Freeland until 3am, then DKD until 5am. More sweaty dancing. More vodka.
Mood: Fucking happy, except for a dick called Vince.

Sunday =
Day: [Nothing]
Night: 100 kuai BBQ at O'Malleys, then beer and ambience and mellow plushness at Vision. Thinking: why don't boys buy ME drinks? Do I look too gay? ;)

Monday =
Day: 1st day at SmSh. Event listings and errands and flexible amazingness and learning so much and photoshop and parties insider info! Asparagus salad.
Night: Going to Full Moon Party, free entry from Ciga, taking official party pix.
Mood: Fucking happy (yea, still!!)

Plump DJ's
Drum 'n' Bass Assault
Space opening
C's goth party

我爱FONTS. [Oct. 10th, 2005|12:13 am]


'eh xiao jie, jintian yao taozi??' [Oct. 9th, 2005|11:44 pm]

*Gurgles and sits in contemplation* I think I can safely saw I'm back to 'normal' again.

My coffee addiction is so utterly boring. I mean, I don't mind being an addict, but I could be pulsing for something with a bit more street cred, geez. Feel the twitch, the itch builds and comes around over and over..

I spend 3 hours at Fabrique tonight. (Shit is changing! Tony's now the marketing manager, they have a new Op manager in, Theresa parts her hair different, Alex the DJ is back, the office is boxed up ready to move across the street).

I have some notes, and my own assigned homework is to find a diagram of the turntables and the mixer so I can do some crafty labelling. It was fun, but my legs weren't used to the verticalness and well, I'm weary something like an grandpa now. :)
Tomorrow is when I REALLY start, like, going in earlier before people are around and cueing up tracks. WOOP WOOPIE!!! :D
I'm gonna take some of my fav tracks in!! And mash 'em togefffffer like a Pioneer ProDJ.
Quote from Carl.. if I want my own gear, it'll be about 3 months of salary. Ergh *gurgles again*

Need to wait until Wednesday for my salary. C*nts.

Think I'll subconciously hullucinate about getting a mohawk tonight.. I tried to make one this arvo before I left the house but it kept falling over >:( (was making one out of my fringe, it would've actually worked really well!) And I can't make fauxhawks either, I suppose b/c I suck moneky's balls.

I think my avatar is the supreme avatar, I could make it king and gather a following of crazed, teethed copycats.

Sarah Shahi [Oct. 9th, 2005|08:45 pm]

(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2005|04:46 pm]
Thank you to Elise.. because of you I have my oh-so-perfect haircut!! Hair like that is SOO incredibly fucking hot. I'd just need the wardrobe and the body to go with it, meh he he ;)

Of couse it doesn't hurt that this chick is unbelievably hot. Growl!


(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2005|06:32 am]

Got an e-mail from Nasen, it's cool for me to go down there on weekdays and kick it up with Rafee. I don't believe it! But, seriously, AWESOME.

I will start Monday!!!!

I am talking to people (like, a lot of randoms from the web, much more that usual).. www.mogenic.com; www.smartshanghai.com; www.fridae.com. Some of my most fav sites, meh he he. Giving up on the play idea with the French woman and the American man [the couple].. I talked to them again yesterday.. he's kind of ew-looking, and she's hot.. so..oh, & HE'S 37. Double Eww.

I'm going to get a hair make-over sometime soon, Benny Mak (owner of the Bodynits group store thing) wants me to model woot woot!

The white sugar is heroin. Should I be really scared by that. I think I need to backtrack and try and put myself outside my own shoes, and remember people are killed for posession of this stuff. But ohhh I'd like to smoke some. I'd also def like to meet this guy first and foremost! And, it's from.. "Golden Delta,which is around Yun nan Kunming border erea." Exotic.

Is today the 9th? Because as of the 10th I actually have to start doing stuff again, as in, my meditative little holiday shall cease to continue. Poo. Bills/rent to pay, salary to pick up.. yadda yadda

And then the next DISTINCT date is the 13th, OF FRIGGIN COURSE! OHHHHHH, crazy heart palpitations. And I get to go to the airport, I fucking lurrrve airports!!!!! (!!!) I want to grope the flight attendants (yes, the pilots don't interest me as such, being that's they're all middle-aged men) ;)

I need to call a guy in response to an ad.. a job in real estate?! Do I really wanna go THERE? I mean, I could wait until I hear from Alex, but by then it could be too late if they deicide I'm not needed *cowers in a corner and sobs at the idea*. But seriously, I'm trying not to dream too vividly about this, but in my mind's eye there's a 6x4m banner, flashing the words "FREE TICKETS!!! FREE TICKETS!!!" Which is referring to the invites that simply pour into the media's laps here, from all the restauarants and bars and clubs, as in, "attend me, then write me up and make me look really good."

Touch rugby on Saturday. Wow that makes me feels like such a lez. He he.



And, yesterday arvo.. when I was basking in the sun not unlike a cold-blooded reptile, the warm rays on my eyelids gave me a happy daydream, about a porcupine and a glockespiel. It progressed from there.


(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2005|05:49 pm]

I'm saved, hullelujiah!!! (sp..poo)
Talked w/ Alex via MSN again.. they are "very interested" and will get back to me in 3-4 days with an answer, or at least to discuss things further. YERRRRRS.
This is, like, my IDEAL MUTHER FUCKING JOB. I think if I was interviewed, and the journalism made an innoent enquiry as to where I'd most like to work, it would be THERE!!
And now I can bouce of that for the next 90 or so hours! Weee!!

I called Mum. I heard the panic in her voice.. she thinks Melody is gonna be a bad influence, ha ha ha. But is excited for me about the job :)
My family is oh-so-bogan! Good FUCKING LORD. My 'brother' actually, literally, works at a tip shop.
Not to mention the last I heard of my 'sister' was that she was a drug addict with a loser boyfriend and had had two kids, and both were removed from her care.
As of today I officially disown them, and claim Kylie as my older sister.

So there.

Today was kind of pond scum again.. but, I did trek over to Pudong and scored a Ferry Corsten remix double-D, and I got two cheapo skirts and a cheapo top, all beside the Huangpi metro station.

omg it's the Raggy Dolls! [Oct. 8th, 2005|09:50 am]

Why do they look so creepy now??

(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2005|05:08 am]

This entire week has been a sleep-a-thon. Why?
I'm going to eat a peach.
It's freezing cold.. I checked the air con display panel.. 24C. Feels like 10!
Alex came online.. he was at Fab tonight and wanted to know why I wasn't working there anymore. Mentioned that his events editor just quit *heartrate quickens* & that he'll talk to me tomorrow when the intoxication has worn off. It's a flicker of light, anyway. :)
I woke UP at 1:30am, so now, it's like my lunchtime.. and the city is very still and silent.

I had hotcakes with drippy syrup and whippy butter on my 1x1 verandah, my back against the glass, trying to see through the apartment block pillars, not allowing myself to shiver, one earphone plugged to the language tutorial I keep putting off. I can now say "I bought a little something".

I'm moving so little I could compare the way my body feels to ill bed-ridden people.


Melody will be here, in six days. (!!!!)
How can I explain the absolute giddiness that I feel?!
It's one of those things.. where you, if you happen to be wearing jacket, pull on the top of the zipper complusively and blink fast and grin to yourself. That, is the very quiet, thoughtful version anyway. :)


The 'Hashman' e-mailed me as per my request.. but I still don't know exactly what he'd got on offer? 'White sugar' - I mean, that could be anything, christ! Oh, and I could get a 'thumbsize' of Xinjiang goodness for RMB500, hm might just pass up on that one thanks.

I'm trying to decide whether I should go to McDonalds for breakfast. Why don't I ever have any food in the house? Why is supermarket shopping so goddamn difficult?

I checked the new jobs on asiaxpat. Only found one worth applying for, and I didn't even match the criteria (too short; too young).. it's like I job I was meant to do last week but didn't.. this time in Xintiandi, for BMW or something.

mdma [Oct. 6th, 2005|02:47 am]

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